What Are The Best Tiles That Can Be Used For Kitchen And Bathroom Walls And Floor?

There are a number of tiles that can be used for walls and flooring of 1 entire house, a single room, kitchen, and/or a bathroom. And the best options amid many are granite tiles and ceramic tiles by Soligo – an Italian tile collection. Now comes the obvious question, why? What makes these tiles the best amid so many other options? And to discover the answer, read through the guide given below.

What Features Make A Tile Best For Walls And Floors Of A House?

The answer is obvious – strength. Any tile being used to decorate and cover the floor and walls of a kitchen or a bathroom should be strong. It is required for the fact that only strong tiles can retain their shape and not crack so easily upon high impact. Moving on, there are other considerable features too. And the best ones are listed below.

  1. The best Granite au Sommet tiles by Soligo for kitchens are white in color. However, there are many other patterns and color options to choose from. Besides, ceramic tiles for bathroom floor are made to be anti-sloppy and water resistant
  2. Ceramic tiles come in beautiful shapes and shades in order to create a stunning look. The walls can be multi-layered with tiles of different colors and textures for an upscale look. The thing to be considered here is your budget because custom-made designs, colors, and patterns cost more than the prefabricated designs
  3. The surface of ceramic tiles can be given a similar finish like that of a plush and sophisticated wooden floor or a lustrous and glazing marble floor. However, other than the look and lamination, ceramic tiles can also imitate the same strength and properties as that of marble and wood
  4. Soligo ceramic tiles for patios and terrace can be textured, plain, fancy, embellished, as well as printed. All that you need to consider is your budget while choosing a pattern. Besides, the outdoor ceramic tiles are intentionally made with silica and clay so that the surface can be given a better grip and made non-slippery
  5. Needless to say, ceramic tiles cost way lower than real stone and wooden flooring. Furthermore, these tiles are made to remain unaffected by pollens, dirt, and stains. Which is why they are considered to be long-lasting economical options for the purpose of home decor. Lastly, they can be cleaned by simply brooming and mopping and incur no additional maintenance cost