How to Naturally Lighten up Your Room

Creating the illusion of space

Whether you are looking to alter the style or quality of a particular room or a variety of rooms, there are a breadth of ways that you can really produce the illusion of more space through enhancing the light in your home. Regardless of the size of the room that you wish to brighten, be it a family sitting room, a dining room that looks out onto a patio, or even a bedroom that offers a stunning morning view, patio doors are a perfect option that enable you to intertwine natural light with the ambience and aesthetics of your interior. If you possess a charming ground-floor room but it is just slightly lacking in space, in order to diminish this scarcity, allow swinging and sliding doors to immediately draw the eye to your outdoor space. By opting for handles and door panelling, which are available in a range of textures from realistic wood effects to metallic finishes, and that blend with the colour and tone of your wallpaper or paint, this can also produce real cohesion and a large uninterrupted glass panel.

Lighten-up your lifestyle

Sliding patio doors are not only are not only an easier and more affordable alternative to a complete renovation, but they can also modernise and uplift the mood of your home and provide the opportunity to utilise and further enjoy your personal living space. With the features of weather resistance, the choice of double-glazing maintains the heat inside your property. Patio doors cost as little as £1650 for a single panel and further negotiable prices based on the requirements of each property. The convenience and flexibility that patio doors offer not only improves your home aesthetically but they can also bring your family together on quiet evenings and special occasions; during summer BBQ’s, guests can saunter between the living area and the garden – which can offer that additional space for adults and children alike.

Modern lighting

Patio doors work well with a range of interior styles, ranging from shabby-chic, modern industrial and bohemian – just to name a few. In addition to your patio doors, embedding potted plants and steering towards a natural and earthy feel can really merge both your natural and interior environment. Another way to truly create the illusion of light is to consider whether you prefer fully transparent doors or a translucent effect. There are also stylish and idiosyncratic options such as coloured window panes whereby the colours can differ on both the interior and the exterior. Dependent upon whether you choose one-two patio doors or consult with a builder to opt for a full wall length patio door that can be pushed back, you can allow either streamlined natural light into your room or produce a panoramic effect.

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