Expert Tips for Choosing a Folding Saw

Also referred to as ‘panel saws’; a hand saw is a highly useful tool to keep around in the house. It is used for various purposes around the house. It is of different types based on the application for which it is used. One of its most popular varieties is the folding saw. This saw has a toothed blade and folds into a handle exactly like a pocketknife. It is excellent for cutting wood, building a shelter, cutting wood to size etc. You can find more information and reviews of the best folding hand saw at Here, we share some tips on choosing a folding saw.

Usage of the folding saw

The most important factor for choosing a handsaw is how you intend using it. For instance, a ten-inch folding saw would not serve the purpose if you need it in your pocket while hiking. Likewise, a pocket size folding saw is not powerful enough to cut large branches. Reading various folding hand saw reviews would give you the insight for what is that folding saw best useful for. You can select accordingly.

Size and weight

The size and weight of folding saws assume importance depending on your usage and area of work. For instance, you need a portable folding saw if you intend carrying it with you to the bush. For other scenarios, you must always choose those saws which are lightweight but do not compromise on their cutting power.

Blade material

It’s best to opt for blades crafted from high carbon steel as they are lightweight but cuts well. However, they need high maintenance which must be adhered to.

Teeth per inch

It is important as higher teeth per inch will cut smoother but will take more time while fewer teeth per inch will cut faster but yield more coarse cuts.

You can also look into other factors like the push or pull stroke; locking mechanism, cost of replacement blades, etc. With this, your investment would go a long way.