4 Top Tips for Choosing the Right Bathroom Tiles

The beauty of your bathroom can be enhanced with the right tiles. When you were building your first home, am sure the choice of tiles was not part of your major concerns until the building was almost completed. People usually look away from tiling but it’s one of the contributing factors for the beauty of a home. Tiles come with different color schemes and designs and some are meant for walls alone while some can be used for floors. Some tiles are made of porcelain and some of ceramic as you will see with some reputable tile suppliers like Carreaux Metro céramique pour cuisine. So it is important to set aside time to consider what really works for you and suit your bathroom. These are our top tips that can guide you to select the perfect tile for your bathroom

#1:Set aside a little time to deliberate

Don’t just rush into making any choice of tiles for your bathroom just to make your home complete. Allocate at least an hour to consider the various ranges of tile designs that are used for bathrooms. Check the latest trends and colors and choose a tile that will rightly complement your bathroom. Don’t be overwhelmed by the selection process. Schedule your time and make the best choice.

#2:Do a little research

We usually advise people to stick to a particular color scheme because this will help them to a large extent to streamline your research. Get magazines and check pictures of the bathroom that you like. This will guide your color choice. However, it is important to remember that you can do your bathroom with either the same color or different colors of tiles.

#3:Present your plans

When you go to make a choice of tiles for your bathroom, don’t forget to go with your home’s floor plan. This guides your sales rep to know the exact dimension of your bathroom as well as the number of tiles you will need to fully tile your bathroom.

#4:Give it a bigger feel

Don’t use tiles that are too small for your bathroom because they can give you lots of work to do when cleaning the grout. Choose larger sized tiles of dimensions of 200mm by 400mm. This gives you’re a bathroom a big-size illusion. The color of the grout should also complement the size. Light colors like light grey usually stand out less while white grout usually makes dirt more prominent. You can go for darker grout to improve the efflorescence of your bathroom.