3 Most Loved Kitchen Styles to Inspire Your New Kitchen

Kitchens have evolved from being an area where you cook for company into a place where you cook with company. From being located at the back of the house, obscured from view, it has now become the modern home’s focal point. Kitchens used to be the place where meals were prepared and dishes were stacked; nowadays, you can see a gleaming, organised space where dinnerware looks like art and delectable dishes are prepared and shared with friends and family all around.

It sure has come a long way, and as time ticks by, the evolution of kitchen aesthetics and functionality will most likely continue. Modern home kitchen designs continue to showcase the way people use kitchens differently.

Architects and designers also always come up with ways to adapt. A fusion of functional practicality and aesthetics have made the 21st century kitchen a central part of one’s home.

Prepping for a New Kitchen

Renovating kitchens is one of the most challenging yet satisfying home improvement projects that one can undertake. Aside from greatly enhancing your home’s look, it can also mean a significant increase in the resale value of your house if you plan to sell it in the future.

Style is one of the 101 considerations that might be swirling in your head concerning the reconstruction of your new kitchen. How do you envision it? What do you want to feel when you walk into this area of your house? What vibe do you want your kitchen to give off when people come to wine and dine?

To help ease your worries, here are three of the most loved kitchen styles that can inspire your own new space:


1. Hamptons-Inspired

A Hamptons-style kitchen is about radiating a cozy, happy and unpretentious vibe. The look and feel should be a nod to the elegant and charming coastal homes inspired by the iconic styles of homes in the Hamptons in New York.

To achieve a uniform look throughout the area, your cabinets, fixtures and other details should also evoke a feeling of sophisticated countrystyle charm.

Start by using hardwood floors. You can opt to leave them bare to show off their natural beauty or paint them a solid color. Trends in 2018 point to trying out patterns on the floor so you can also explore linoleum, vintage tiles or even slate.

Farmhouse sinks have also made a comeback and can add an opulent cottage-like look to your kitchen. Match them with headboards and you can be instantly transported to spaces that radiate old world charm. For colour, choose classic cream or a soft palette like light yellow or khaki to achieve that light and airy feel.

2. Scandinavian Simplicity

Recent years have seen people embracing Scandinavian design. From cars to clothes to kitchen styles and more, Nordic influences have been imbibed and continue to seep into the design considerations of homeowners.

For the past several months, the Swedish approach to life and design called lagom has been a favorite among the stylish yet sustainability-conscious set. This Scandi style is all about finding the right balance – not too little, not too much. This style trend promotes the “just right” feeling and look in everything, including the kitchen.

To achieve the Scandi look, look for organic or responsibly sourced functional pieces. Aim for a cosy, warm feeling using environment-friendly accessories and fixtures. Declutter and retain only what is essential and store kitchen items inside smart space-saving cabinets and drawers. You can include a statement piece such as a wood slab for a kitchen island, low-hanging cream lights, or a signature contemporary artwork.

Choose a partial-white to all-white look or satisfy your taste for colour with a neutral palette. For a stunning take on the all-white scheme, create a statement with super gloss kitchens. Or inject a pop of colour by using indoor plants that can also convey your sustainable lifestyle.

3. Modern Marvel

In contrast to the all-white coolness of Scandinavian styled kitchens, the recent modern kitchen style trend is to go dark and natural. Gray is a popular choice, juxtaposed with light finishes or less predictable shades like pale wood, bronze, copper or gold.

Modern kitchens usually mix styles and influences. Past preferences pointed to cold minimalism, but more recent inclinations favour a warmer, more industrial feel. The use of texture in the form of bricks, concrete, pewter, steel or unpolished wood brings more character to the kitchen.

Solid cabinets and floating shelves made mostly of glass can also heighten the sleek, streamlined look. While stainless steel is still preferred by some, the in thing is to have gray-toned appliances with a dark brushed metal finish.

More importantly, modern kitchens tend to highlight the use of smart technology. More than just using the latest kitchen tools and appliances, smart kitchens have tech integrated into every aspect of its design. From advanced lighting systems, motion-sense taps, and refrigerators that alert you when it’s time to buy groceries, these modern kitchens support the fast and furious lifestyle of today.

While these trends serve as great inspirations, they cannot fully dictate how your kitchen looks and feels, and how the home of your dreams will turn out. Work with your kitchen design and renovation specialist to achieve the kitchen of your dreams — one that best serves your needs and lifestyle. Remember that the best kitchen is the one that you and your loved ones would enjoy the most.


Bill Fannin started Post & Beam 27 years ago as a small construction company and, in 2004, decided to specialize in design/build. Since then, he has grown the company into a very reputable Design/Build Firm. You can find Bill in the office helping with estimates, consulting clients, and even on the job helping the carpenters. Bill is a Certified Graduate Remodeler and Certified Green Professional.